Ludwig kort ons liefde

Bruide en gompies, een van ons het nou ons liefde, gebede en ondersteuning nodig.

Elkeen wat rose op sy troue gehad het, kan maar weet Ludwig het iets met daai rose te doen.

Hier is ‘n briefie van sy gesin af.


Dear Rose Friends,


As many of you would have heard through the media, Ludwig was attacked and robbed at home during the early hours of yesterday morning.


He was shot and wounded by burglars in both his upper arms. However he is in a stable condition and is in good spirits. None of his internal organs were affected. This morning he is hungry and thirsty – which is a good sign. The doctor that is treating him is a very good, old friend of the family.


We have received many calls and messages of support and prayer. Thank you! We just so appreciate the support and love from everyone.


The media has in some instances exaggerated the situation. We have absolute confidence that my dad will be back with his roses before long.


It is difficult to understand why such things happen. We are simply eternally thankful that a guardian angel was watching over him.


Rose Greetings,


Pamela, Anja, Halmar and Melani, Heike, Christian and Alex


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  1. meermin Said:

    Ek was so geskok toe ek hierdie lees. Dit is vreeslik!!

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